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Product Flow

A. Quality Product Selection:


We have a team of people, who select each product with tremendous observation in its quality, durability, operation, safety & value for the money.


B. Import:


After slection we chose the right retailer for its proper shipment & delivery.


C. Datase Creation:


Once products received, we creat category wise database of all the products.


D. On Website:


Products will be showcased on our website with its description, sample image & sample videos.


E. Order & Payment Confirmation:


Paytm is our payment partner, once we get the payment confirmation & order details, we will check whether the payment is correct or if the customer paid high value, it will be returned when the product sent for delivery.


F. Delivery Process:


Each product will be packed with required packing materials like carton box, cotton, thermocoal, etc., for the products safe delivery.


G. To Customer:


We try to deliver the product to the customer as early as possible, product delivery will be delayed only if product arrival dealyed or any weather issues.